The Buddy System of Life (Special Offer)

Dear Friends,

I truly will get back to Aging Gracefully, but first I want to reflect on the Buddy System of Life . . . and pass along a great offer.

Remember when you were in first grade and the teacher had you line up with a classmate while you walked from Point A to Point B?  Nothing could go wrong, as long as you held onto your partner’s hand.  The Buddy System was designed to make you feel safe.

Why did we ever abandon it?

I have, over the years, become a big fan of network marketing as an excellent alternative to the usual job.  To be sure, you need to pick your company carefully, but as a business model, it has many appealing aspects — no commute, flexibility of schedule, the ability to leverage your time, repeat business, creation of residual income, and (and this is a big one) a vehicle to help others be even more successful than you are.  What’s not to love?

But when it’s time to put it into action, without a Buddy, it can be pretty daunting.  Yet we soldier on, because, after all, we’re Adults now.

Not really.  That first grader is still there, just below the facade of being a Grownup.

Stumbling on Help

So I was ecstatic to find out there were actually SKILLS that could be learned, and a course that would walk me through the process, cut the jargon, and get things moving concisely.  For me, it was truly a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Especially since the course also came with a step-by-step journey through Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, a book I was planning to revisit anyway.

The fee for the course was small, considering I was able to share it with a friend (now my Business Buddy) and also considering it was a lifetime membership.  No added fees for the rest of my life!  Even beyond first grade.

The Offer

This 90-day online course is about to start a new session in early March, with a pre-launch beginning February 18, so I thought I’d put it out there to all you fellow network marketers.  If you want information on it, click HERE and I’ll send it along.  (WARNING: the course fills up very quickly.)

Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad  fame, calls network marketing “the business of the 21st century.”  I call it our own private economic revolution.

Just hold my hand while I try to change the world.


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Aging Gracefully, 1.1

Dear Friends,

Longer ago than I care to admit, I began a series of blog entries on Aging Gracefully.  I hope you haven’t grown old waiting for Part 2.

The idea was sparked by a funny anniversary card from my sister-in-law, which pictured a senior couple who had definitely abandoned their ideal of graceful.  What, I asked myself, would be essential to aging with a certain finesse?

My answer boiled down to three areas: health, finances, and a sense of purpose.

So, in Part 1, I launched into a discussion of options for staying healthy.  As you might expect, since we are part of a nutritional food science company, nutrition was a big focus.  We’ve seen too many incredible results over the past 12 years not to want to share this knowledge.  High grade nutrients have a enormous impact on your health.  And no, you can’t get it out of your food any more.

But Wait!  There Was More!

As it turned out, the news on the health front kept getting more and more exciting.  Our company created an energy drink (called 24K) which has 16 brain nutrients in it, as well as ingredients for focus and stress reduction (and no caffeine!).  It was a huge hit and won the Best New Consumer Product award for 2011 from the American Business Association.  We were up against companies like Apple and Ford.  Brings up images of David swigging 24K as he prepares to meet Goliath.

Next came the introduction of an enriched form of lunasin into several of our products.  We call it LunaRich, and it has been benefiting people for about a year now  The reports are truly stunning.  If you missed any of this, you can catch back issues of my blog at

Just when I was preparing to write Aging Gracefully, Part 2, our company came out with another innovation.  So call this Aging Gracefully, 1.1.  Consider it a free upgrade.  It’s well worth the short detour, and then I promise to get on to Part 2.

The Cliff Notes of Cellular Health

You’ve heard about the benefits of soy.  What if you could take the essence of soy, the part of the bean that’s been getting the great results, and put it in a little capsule?  That’s exactly what our company did.  We call it LunaRichX.  It’s like the Cliff Notes of cellular health.

To quote the brochure, “You’d have to consume 25 grams of high-quality soy protein to get the same amount of bioactive lunasin found in one capsule of LuanRichX.”  So you have your War and Peace version of good cell nutrition (soy protein) and your Cliff Notes version (LunaRichX).  Which fits better in your purse?

For those of you who’ve missed the hoopla about lunasin and want the Cliff Notes version of that, it’s the part of the soy bean that packs the punch.  It’s been researched up the whazoo since it was discovered in 1996, and has been scientifically proven to support heart health, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and improve immunity, to name a few of its benefits.  You can check out the research at and also at, putting “lunasin” in the search box.

All Very Well, But Does It Work?

In a word, YES!  We’ve always gotten great results with our products.  Now we get them faster.  People who’ve been dealing with health issues for years are reporting noticeable improvements in a matter of days or weeks.  It’s not a cure-all in a capsule, but boy, does your body know what to do with LunaRichX!  And, as I wrote in my last blog entry, lunasin has the ability to turn off the switches for negative DNA in your cells.  Cool, no?  Check out the Facebook page of the man who discovered lunasin, Dr. Alfredo Galvez.

Which Is By Way of Saying . . .

I strongly recommend trying the LunaRichX capsules and seeing what they do for you.  If you want to order some, go to and enter my RCN 2411758001.  Your body will thank you.  And Reliv has a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers, so what have you got to lose?

For those of you who are not on my mailing list and don’t want to miss future issues of The Silver Fork Report, go to and enter at least your first name and email address, with a note that you want to receive this blog.  I’m not technologically savvy enough to make money off of mailing lists, so your info is safe with me.

And now, it’s truly time for me to move on to Part 2 of Aging Gracefully, before something more happens on the health front.  Time to explore how to put the gold back in your golden years.  Stay tuned.  I promise not to keep you waiting long.


Copyright 2013 Holly Stern.  All rights reserved.

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Falling in Love with Lunasin

Dear Friends,

When was the last time you fell in love with a peptide?

Say what?

Okay. Give me a hint here. Is it animal, plant, or mineral? Is a peptide something you can discuss in polite company? Is it bigger than a bread box? What’s a bread box?

So many questions. So much science. So much excitement.

Join me in falling in love with lunasin.


Falling in Love with Lunasin

You’ve heard me write before in The Silver Fork Report about lunasin. The research that is being released now is so exciting, I had to share it with you. And yes, lunasin is a peptide.

I’ll defer here to The Bantam Medical Dictionary. You do not want me, a musician, trying to explain this to you.

A peptide is “a molecule consisting of two or more amino acids linked by bonds between the amino group . . . and the carboxyl group . . .” Aha! And an amino acid is “an organic compound containing an amino group . . . and a carboxyl group . . .” Oh, dear. But they go on to tell us that “amino acids are fundamental constituents of all proteins.” And in an election year, it’s good to know who your constituents are.

That’s about as murky as I’m going to get. It’s the ramifications of lunasin that have me doing cartwheels. Okay, maybe not literally. Unlike lunasin, I am not sixteen.

Lunasin Turns Sweet Sixteen

Lunasin was discovered on October 2, 1996, by Dr. Alfredo Galvez, a research scientist at UC Berkeley. He wanted to figure out why some studies using soy found it to be effective and some not. What he discovered was that those studies with positive results had kept this naturally occurring peptide, which he named lunasin, intact. If you want to see the original email he sent on that day, “like” his Facebook page. Whether or not you understand the science, reading it makes you feel like you’re watching medical history in the making.

Since that date, sixteen years ago, lunasin has been widely researched. There are tons of studies on its effect on inflammation, cholesterol, aging, and even some cancers. To see the range of research, go to:

There is also a wonderful short video, which shows how lunasin lowers LDL cholesterol in two different ways. It’s fun and informative:

Which Brings Us to Now

While you’re on Dr. Galvez’ Facebook page, you can learn a lot about epigenetics. I’m sure you, like I, had it at the top of your to-do list for today. But trust me, it’s fascinating stuff. I’m going to try to explain it in layman’s terms and hope I don’t give Dr. Galvez a coronary.

Let’s say your parents gave you a lot of kitchen appliances. There’s a toaster, a bread maker (so you have something to put in your toaster), an electric can opener with a knife sharpener (so you can cut the bread), a mixer, a food processor, a waffle iron . . . I hope you have a large kitchen. These represent your DNA, with all those genes that will predispose you to have green eyes and brown hair or to be blue-eyed and blond.

These are things your folks were happy to give you. But there is one more appliance, a special blender filled with roofing nails. The kind with the broad heads and the sharp points. These represent, say, high cholesterol, diabetes, and colon cancer. Your parents had these conditions and their parents before them. They don’t want you to get any of this, but it’s in The Rules of genetics that they pass on this part of their DNA, too. The Rules also say this blender has to be plugged in at all times. Oh, and it doesn’t come with a lid.

You can put it over in the corner of your counter, but you always have to be careful not to jostle the On buttons. The buttons have names like “Environmental Toxins,” “Low Immune System,” “Other Illnesses,” “Poor Nutrition.” Push any of these, and you have a mess on your hands.

Awake at the Switch

This is where epigenetics comes in. Think of it. We all come from one fertilized cell. Out of that cell, with the very same DNA as the subsequent cells that multiply from it, comes an entire person.

How does the cell know whether to use this DNA to create skin or hair or fingernails? Apparently, it has to do with the switches that turn things on or off in the cell. Lots of different things operate those switches. Lunasin, Dr. Galvez has discovered, has the ability to turn off the switches on negative DNA.

It’s like putting a protective cover over those buttons on the Bad Blender. The negative stuff still exists as potential in your body, but as long as the switch is in the Off position, you’re okay.

Pretty nifty, huh! And it gets even better. Dr. Galvez writes, “Lunasin can also increase expression of genes important in maintaining cellular function.” This is like having an extended warranty on those good appliances. Whee!

LunaRich to the Rescue!

Reliv has exclusive rights to LunaRich, a form of soy powder which is 5 – 10 times richer in lunasin than ordinary soy powders. We work directly with the farmers to grow non-GMO soy beans, which are then put through a special process to ensure the lunasin stays intact until it reaches the part of the body where it is best absorbed. We have had LunaRich in our Now product (basic nutrition) since February, and the results people have been getting are even faster and more amazing than before.

LunaRich is currently in four other Reliv products: Now for Kids (added brain nutrients), Glucaffect (blood sugar management), ProVantage (muscle building and soft tissue repair), and SoySentials (women’s health).

You can order any of these products at, using my RCN 2411758001. I’d also be happy to tailor your product choice to best suit your needs. You can reach me at:

And you’ve got to believe something this huge has an amazing business opportunity behind it. So go to: and let me know you’d like to help get this out to the world.

Lunasin may well be the most revolutionary breakthrough in health care in our lifetime. What’s not to love?

Copyright Holly Stern 2012. All rights reserved.

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Magic You Can Swallow

Dear Friends,

Move over Harry Potter.  We’ve got Dr. Alfredo Galvez, Dr. Carl Hastings, and Ryan Schmidt.  Lunasin probably wasn’t mentioned at Hogwarts, but now we Muggles have access to magic of our own.  With Reliv’s exclusive rights to LunaRich, we truly have magic you can swallow.

For those of you who are information junkies, this newsletter’s for you.  If you want rigorous scientific studies, we have links to a boatload of them.  Welcome to the world of lunasin.

Lunasin is a soy peptide.  They call it the key that unlocks “the magic in the bean.”  And Reliv, in conjunction with the Missouri Plant Science Center, has just grown soybeans that are rich in lunasin, to produce LunaRich.  It’s an exciting story.  If you, or someone you know, is dealing with high cholesterol or inflammation, or wants to see improved health, read on . . .  And feel free to share this newsletter.  It’s got links to some great information.


Magic You Can Swallow

The story begins with Dr. Alfredo Galvez, who was working at UC Berkeley, trying to determine why some studies on soy showed great results, while others didn’t.  On October 2, 1996, he discovered the key: lunasin.  Apparently, during some processing of soy, lunasin is destroyed.  Thus, the discrepancies.  It took over 15 years, but finally, on February 16, 2012, the fruits of Dr. Galvez’ research were contained in a marketable powder, the new Reliv Now with LunaRich, and released to the public at a Reliv conference in Reno, Nevada.  I was there for the unveiling, and it was a moment to cherish.

That’s the Cliff’s Notes version.  Much happened in between to make it possible.  An incredible amount of research has gone into lunasin since 1996.  To catch a glimpse of the magnitude, go to  They have links to cardiovascular research, among others, plus a cool video explaining how lunasin helps lower cholesterol.  Also go to  There you’ll find nearly 50 studies.

Enter the Missouri Plant Science Center

Ryan Schmidt, head of Soy Labs, has been a big promoter of Dr. Galvez’ research.  He’s also been supplying Reliv with high quality soy for years.  And he is now head of the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC), which is only two hours’ drive away from Reliv headquarters.  That is another exciting story, a collaborative effort of scientists, research facilities, universities, government entities, farmers . . . and now Reliv.  You can find them at   And to learn how this collaboration is working to create jobs, check out

With Dr. Galvez, Ryan Schmidt, the MPSC, and farmers, Reliv’s Dr. Carl Hastings has worked to grow a soybean that is rich in lunasin, without genetic modification.    Reliv now has control of our own source of non-GMO soy from the seed to the farm to the harvest to processing, transportation, and delivery to our nearby manufacturing facility.  The result is LunaRich, which has 5 – 10 times the lunasin of the industry standard.  That means you get more bang for your buck.  And you can only get it from Reliv.

LunaRich in Two Reliv Products

Just about any other company would have raised the price on a product that had such an incredible and unique ingredient.  But Reliv has always been about getting people results and keeping people healthy.  So you can now get LunaRich in one of our basic products, the Reliv Now, which provides complete basic nutrition, and also in the product that targets women’s health, the SoySentials, at no additional cost.

The stories we’re hearing in the short time LunaRich has been available to us are stunning: pain reduction, anti-inflammation, people feeling like they’re “turbo charged.”  And we thought we felt great before!

There’s an informative chart, showing Reliv Now as compared to other supplements on the market.  You can check it out under the “Us vs. Them” tab at   And for the true information junkies among you, go to

Is It for You?

There’s only one way to find out.  Try it.  It’s safe.  It’s got a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers.  You can order it by clicking on  I’ll arrange for it to be drop shipped to your door.  What have you got to lose?  Couldn’t you use a little magic in your life?

Copyright 2012 Holly Stern.  All rights reserved.

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An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Friends,

This is a busy time of year, so I’ll be brief.

I do want to wish you good cheer for a joyous holiday season and share some exciting news with you . . . but now that I think of it, I’ve already told Santa, so I might as well just let you read the letter I wrote him.

After all, busy as we might be, nothing can compare to Santa’s schedule.  I mean, talk about needing to be in a million places at once!  And keeping everyone happy?  Whoa!

To be honest, I’m a little concerned about Santa.  If he doesn’t take better care of himself, there are going to be a lot of disappointed people come Christmas morning.  So I’m thinking we should start a grassroots campaign, maybe use this letter as a starting point, and get all our friends and family to send it to him.  Perhaps that will catch his attention.

Meanwhile, I hope you stay healthy and happy.  Laugh whenever possible.  Savor each morsel of beauty.  And above all, take time to enjoy your loved ones.


Dear Santa,

I know you’re overworked this time of year, trying to keep up with all the latest electronics and smart phones.  Things were much simpler when Susie wanted a dolly and Jimmy got a bike.

So forgive me, but I’m worried about you.  The stress has got to be incredible, and there you are, out in all kinds of weather on Christmas Eve, trying to keep going on an endless supply of cookies and milk.  Santa, you are a health crisis waiting to happen, and you don’t want to disappoint all those good little boys and girls.

Let’s look at this straight on.  Those cookies have way too much sugar, and chances are you’re probably lactose intolerant, so the milk will only give you indigestion.  And I’m not even going to bring up the issue of whether you can digest gluten.

So how do you stay up all night?  Do they have rooftop Starbucks?  I’m certainly not against a good cuppa, but too much caffeine is going to wreak havoc on your heart and blood pressure.  Nor can we have you snapping at Rudolph and the other fine reindeer because you’re feeling irritable.  And as for the crash when the caffeine wears off . . .  Well, let’s just say it might be more than your mood that plummets, and some of those rooftops are pretty high.

Believe it or not, I have an answer for all this.  (Lucky you!)  There’s this great new ready-to-drink product called 24K, which delivers not only energy, but also mental focus and stress reduction.  All without either caffeine or sugar.  Just 24 healthy ingredients, 16 of which are helpful for your brain.  What could be better and more timely?  Isn’t that exactly what you need right now?  And you’ll love the taste.  Then, after the holidays are over, you can use it to give you staying power for those workouts Mrs. Claus has in mind for you.

It’s no wonder the 24K got the American Business Award for the Best New Product of 2011.  (It was up against companies like Apple, Ford, and Dell and won the big enchilada, so you know it’s got to be good.)

And here’s another really cool thing.  You can order it at a 10% saving!  Reliv just came out with a VIP Program for the 24K.  All you have to do is go to:  and enter my code:  24kholly .  It comes in a six-pack of 2 oz. mini bottles or the even more economical 28 oz. bottle.  Tell your friends about it (and I know you have many), and when three of them order (the Three Wise Men might be a good place to start — they’ll want to stay alert for that long journey ahead of them), your saving goes up to 20%!  They even reduced the shipping costs on the 24K, because they know how much you need it, Santa, and we’re all counting on you to deliver.

We have, after all, been very good this year.

Sending lots of love,

P.S. Remember, Santa, that’s:    and enter my code:  24kholly

Copyright 2011 Holly Stern.  All rights reserved.

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Aging Gracefully, Part 1

Dear Friends,

In July, my sister-in-law sent us an anniversary card that still has us laughing.  On the front is the picture of an older couple, all dressed up and sitting outdoors, presumably at someone’s wedding.  And, to complete their outfits and protect them from the sun, they have opened the programs and placed them on their heads.  A vision of dorkiness.  The caption reads, “So much for growing old together gracefully.”

Having had a birthday since then, it does bring up the question, “What does it mean to age gracefully?”  Someone else posed it another way.  Suppose you had a goal to live to be 100.  What would you do differently?  It’s interesting to contemplate what constitutes quality of life for the rest of the ride.  And more importantly, how do we maintain it?

Of course, a good attitude is essential.  But beyond that, for me it distills down into three areas: health, finances, and a sense of purpose.  So I thought I’d explore them in this and subsequent newsletters and see if any pearls drop out.  I hope you’ll join me.


Aging Gracefully, Part 1

Uh-oh.  Don’t tell me.  That was your picture on our anniversary card.  You thought you were doing pretty well to get all gussied up and out of the house, and now I’m suggesting you might want to be graceful, to boot.  Do I have any idea how hard those plastic chairs are for old bones?  And the last thing you needed was more deterioration of your skin, sitting in that hot sun.

I know, I know.  I can be cruel sometimes, but it’s for your own good.  I want you healthy in your golden years.  Does the term “pain free” sound like a fairy tale?  Are the grandkids cute, but waaay too active for your energy levels?  And if you got down on the floor to play with them, would you be there until help arrived?

I wish I could say this is so much silliness.  It may be an exaggeration — or not — but pain, stiffness, energy levels, diseases, and memory issues are concerns for many as we age.  A lot of the remedies out there address the symptoms but not the root causes, and many of them have side effects.  I just want you to know there are alternatives.

Your Very Own Healing Machine

Nope, I’m not going to say, “Order now for a special price on your very own healing machine!”  You already have it.  It’s your body.  It has incredible wisdom and mechanisms in place to do its own repair work.  Your job is to give it the right raw materials.

Take, for instance, deteriorating joints.  A couple of years ago, we happened to be at dinner with an emergency room doctor.  Knowing several friends who had been bone-on-bone and had regrown cartilage, we asked him why doctors said it wasn’t possible.  He replied that, actually, this had been shown in the medical literature, but not everyone knew it.  Now you do.

Or perhaps you’re in pain due to inflammation.  Unless you’re the weather forecaster for your local television station, it might not be an asset if your joints ache every time the weather changes.  Did you know that many have found they don’t have to choose between chronic pain and medications that might be destroying their organs?  Again, there are alternatives.  

Try to Remember the Kind of September . . .

Appropriate for this month, no?  But let’s face it, memory issues are a great concern as we get older.  We absolutely must keep our brains nourished.  As a non-scientist who is fascinated by how the body and brain work, I find it perfectly understandable that we might lose some of our sharpness over time, even without the build-up of plaque.  

For one thing, our bodies do not absorb nutrients like they did when we were kids.  For another, we are, for the most part, negligent about keeping hydrated.  I will never forget a friend rushing to his mother’s hospital bed, thinking she’d had a stroke, only to discover she was simply dehydrated.  Dried up brain cells apparently do not function well.

Someone quipped that one of the advantages of old age is that the number of brain cells is finally down to a manageable number.  Well, who inventoried them anyway?  I mean, it’s not like you have to keep track of them like you would, say, your reading glasses.  A few gazillion brain cells, all hydrated and nourished, wouldn’t be that bad, would it?

Energy Crisis

Just take a look at the many new caffeine- and sugar-laden energy drinks out there, and you know this country is experiencing an energy crisis.  And coffee shops didn’t become so prevalent because everyone was buying decaf.  

The very same fuel that makes your healing machine run smoothly can also give you more pep in your step.  It’s all a matter of putting the body in balance, and there’s a lot of natural help you can provide.

The More Things Change . . .

Perhaps you’ve already heard this.  It’s a short history of nutrition.  I love it.  Please forgive any inaccuracies of details.  It’s the gist that’s important.

2000 BC  Eat this root.
1000 AD  That root is heathen.  Say this prayer.
1850        That prayer is superstition.  Drink this potion.
1940        That potion is snake oil.  Take this pill.
1985        That pill is ineffective.  Take this antibiotic.
Today      That antibiotic no longer works.  Eat this root.

Ah, But Which Root?

Even the AMA now tells us that, no matter how well we eat, we still need to supplement.  In fact, the vast majority of doctors and nurses use supplements themselves.  But I can understand why it took them so long to endorse the idea of supplements.  I used them for years without seeing a difference.  I just did it on faith that I would be worse off if I didn’t.  What I use now makes a huge improvement in my life.

Not all supplements are created equal.  Pills are not easily absorbed.  Nutritional supplements consumed as a liquid are.  It’s called bioavailability.  Then there’s the quality of the individual ingredients to consider (something you can’t necessarily tell from a label) and their balance.  Synergism is the buddy system of nutrients.  Someone likened it to the way an orchestra works.  The individual instruments are enhanced as they combine to make a symphony orchestra.  As a musician, I like this analogy.  And, as a musician, I realize I don’t have the expertise to know what my body needs and in what amounts.  That I leave to the scientists.

My purpose in this newsletter is to let you know there are things out there that really do work.  If you’d like to know what my friends and I have found to be effective, I’ll be happy to share that information.  Just contact me at:

But What You Really Wanted to Know Was . . .

Okay, I’m a realist.  I like helping people be healthy, but I also understand that financial issues are usually a higher priority than health.  Unfortunately, in this society, they can be inextricably intertwined.  One illness, disease, or accident can make quite a dent in your financial well-being.  That’s one reason I’m so big on prevention.

And, truth be told, just about everyone could use another stream of income.  So I promise to address this in my next newsletter.  But if you want the information sooner rather than later, feel free to contact me at:

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Back to School Issue

Dear Friends,

Do you remember your first day of school?

I do.  I was so excited.  My teacher, Mrs. Dill, welcomed us with her grandmotherly presence.  My seatmate, whose name is beyond retrieval, fascinated me with her French braided pigtails.  And I had two trusty comforts with me: a red and green plaid blanket for naptime (at which I excelled) and my lunch box of translucent white plastic with red latches.

A half-century later, I still have the blanket and the sense of excitement at a new school year.  And I find myself wondering about the kids going back to school these days.  Coming from an age when high tech was a pencil with an eraser attached (ooh!), I find their lives hard to fathom.

The back-to-school ads still feature pens, pencils, and notebooks, but the supplies I suspect are most lacking are what goes into their lunch boxes.  Knowing from personal experience what a difference nutrition can make on the brain, this issue is dedicated to our kids.

Here’s to a happy school year.


Dick and Jane in the 21st Century

What I don’t remember about growing up was having a lot of classmates with compromised immune systems and special needs.  We may have gotten better(?) at labeling conditions, but even so, the mainstay of childhood was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Now there are entire schools which are peanut-free zones, due to allergic reactions from some of the student body.

Autism and Asperger’s may have existed, but not in almost 1% of the kids.  Diabetes was extremely rare, as was obesity.  Few kids dealt with asthma and chronic allergies.  And though there were the occasional rowdies, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were definitely not widespread.

What’s going on here?  These kids are our future.  It’s as if we’re sending them out into the world with one hand tied behind their backs.  Is there an answer?  Fortunately, yes.

Food for Thought

Much has been made of what Dick and Jane are eating today.  School lunch programs are being scrutinized, and if we are lucky, tomato ketchup will no longer count as a serving of vegetables.  Soda vending machines are being ousted, thanks to the realization that consuming just one soft drink a day greatly increases your risk of obesity and diabetes, and while diet colas might have fewer calories, they still take a toll on your health.

But even healthy eaters can no longer get all the nutrients they need out of their food, thanks to depleted soils, and let’s face it, once your kids are out of sight, you don’t really know what they’re ingesting.  You can send them off with nutritious lunches, but are they eating them or practicing their Wall Street skills by trading them with the highest bidder?

What if you could give them a simple-to-mix, tasty shake in the morning that covered not only their nutritional needs but which also had added brain nutrients?  Wouldn’t that give you parental peace of mind?  Well, at least as far as their health was concerned?

My Favorite Back-to-School Picks

There are two products I absolutely love for helping with brain power.

The first is the Reliv Now for Kids, available in both chocolate and vanilla.  Our lead scientist, Dr. Carl Hastings, did an excellent call on this product at the beginning of the month, and it is available, in recorded form, through August 31.  You can access it, toll-free, 24/7, at 1-866-330-4922, Option 2.  And for those of you who want to do further scrutiny, the link for this product is:

The second, appropriate for ages 12 and up, is Reliv’s newest creation, the 24K, our first pre-mixed drink.  This product won the Stevie Award for Favorite New Consumer Product for 2011 at the American Business Awards in New York City.  Little Reliv was up against stiff competition from much larger companies like Ford and Dell, and we won the big enchilada.  Pretty neat, huh?

Shortly after the 24K was introduced in February, the newspapers were awash in stories about the detrimental effects of many of the energy drinks on the market.  Some people were consuming large quantities of them and having serious health issues, including, in rare cases, death.  The caffeine and sugar content, no matter how optimistically packaged with a few herbs thrown in, were taking their toll.

Enter the 24K, with its 24 active, healthy ingredients.  This is not just an energy drink.  Here’s the breakdown of the functions of the ingredients (obviously, there’s some overlap):
Energy: 8 ingredients
Mental focus and clarity: 16 ingredients!
Stress reducers: 5 ingredients
You can check this out further at:

The 24K comes in cool looking little bottles your teens will love.  Or you can buy it in a large economy bottle.  And who knew, but athletes have been reporting staying power with this product, so it just might help out with your kid’s team sports.

Whether for school or sports or work, that’s something to cheer about.

Special Offers

Just a reminder that I am still offering a 20% savings off retail cost to all brand new customers, through the end of August.  And so that my returning customers do not feel left out, I’m offering them free shipping on all orders over $100 placed in August.  If you’ve been contemplating a large order, now is your chance for big savings.  To access these offers, simply contact me before 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on August 31, at:

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Swimsuit Issue, Part 2

Dear Friends,

I read recently that weight loss is based 80% on nutrition and 20% on exercise.  A happy thought, because I love to eat much more than I love to work out.

This being the second part of our two-piece Swimsuit Issue, I am still in pursuit of those six-pack abs.  Time to discuss that other 20%.  Whatever the state of your abs, the sad truth about many diets is that, if they do not address the need for exercise, the weight rarely stays off when you stop the diet.  In fact, you might end up weighing more.  And exercising longer is not necessarily the answer (I love this!).  It’s fascinating how it works.  Keep reading.

So, while summer’s favorite workout might be the horizontal hammock hang, we need to at least explore the concept of something a bit more rousing.  We are, after all, in pursuit of optimum health, something that will have us feeling perky well into our golden years.

Happy summer!


Swimsuit Issue, Part 2
The Yo-Yo Is a Toy, Not a Diet
How to Avoid Weighing More, Once the Diet Is Over

The saying, “What goes up must come down,” was, sadly, my friends, not referring to our weight.  And who invented the term “yo-yo dieting” anyway?  When I was a kid, it took no trouble at all to let the yo-yo hang at its lowest level.  It took work to get it to bounce up.

No, the diets many people inflict on themselves are more like pogo stick diets: you work hard to get the weight down, and as soon as you let the effort off, it pops back up.

The basic question is, “Why?”  Why does the body regain weight it’s shed?  And what, exactly, do you lose on a diet?

Loss of three things will get your weight down: water, fat, and muscle mass.  

Obviously, water is the easiest to shed.  Hydration, however, is extremely important, not only for eliminating excess weight and toxins, but also for your general health, so getting rid of water just to watch the numbers on your scale plummet can be detrimental.  Especially this time of year.

What you want to shed is fat.  But unless you’ve incorporated some sort of exercise program, what your body will get rid of is muscle mass.  Here’s why.

Muscle burns 50 calories per pound.  Fat burns 4 calories per pound.  


Enter the pogo stick diet.  If you don’t exercise, you lose muscle mass.  This means your body has a much reduced capacity for burning calories.  So when you get off the diet, your body is in worse shape to deal with the food you’re eating.  Hence, you gain the weight back.  And more.

Time to diet again.  Only this time, you have less muscle mass to help you burn calories.  The mountain just got steeper, and you have fewer resources to help you climb it.  So the second time around, you lose more muscle mass, making it even harder to burn calories.  Instead, as soon as you quit dieting, you gain fat.  Not a pretty picture, after all your hard work and self-denial.

So yes, my friends, we must exercise.  But what will get you the best results with the least amount of time?

Not all exercise is created equal.  Verrrrrrry interesting.

I read recently about a study that divided the subjects into two groups.  The first had a very low-calorie diet plus aerobic exercise; the second had the same diet but did resistance training.  After 12 weeks, the aerobic group had lost more weight, but much of it was muscle mass.  The resistance group still lost quite a bit of weight, but all of it was fat.

What’s really the corker is that the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) in the aerobic group went down significantly, while it went up for the resistance group.  The RMR is the amount of calories your body burns while at rest, so a higher number is a good thing.  After 12 weeks, the aerobic group actually had less capacity to burn calories than when it started out.  This is not the direction we want to go.

To access the full study, go to:

I do not profess to be an expert on exercise.  The few times I’ve been in a gym, it’s taken me longer to read the instructions on the machines than it took to use them.  I have, however, recently been doing some routines of short-burst exercises –squats, jumps, push-ups, etc. — that I can do at home and get my heart rate up and my muscles working but don’t take a lot of time.  And — hallelujah! — NO crunches or curls, and yet my clothes fit much better than they did when I put in boring half-hours on aerobic exercises.

And, reflecting back on the low-carb approach we discussed in the last issue, apparently the best time to eat that limited amount of carbs is right after you’ve exercised.  Consider it your ticket to guilt-free carbs.

A final word: Muscle weighs more than fat.  

If you’re being good and exercising and the scales aren’t showing much of a downward trend, know that they don’t tell you everything.  If you really want to know what’s going on in your body, something like the Tanita Ironman InnerScan monitor is great.  It looks like a bathroom scale, but it tells you so much more.  The model I have is BC-558.  It tells weight, % of body fat, % of body water, bone mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, physique rating, basal metabolic rate, and metabolic age.  Pretty nifty, huh?

But even without a fancy monitor, there are other things besides weight to guide you.  If you’re doing this right, you will be losing inches.  So before you begin your diet, measure your waist, hips, thighs, calves, upper arms, neck.  Even if you don’t do this, you’ll notice your clothes fitting better.  Isn’t it nice to be able to breathe again?

Now we can get back to the other 80% of the quotient, eating.  Yum!

And speaking of percentages, I’ve decided to extend the offer of 20% off on all Reliv consumable products for new customers through August.  Consider it one more way to enjoy summer.  To access these savings, contact me at:

Bragging Rights

Okay, so I didn’t create the formula for Reliv’s newest product, the 24K.  Actually, our lead scientist, the internationally acclaimed Dr. Carl Hastings, did that.  And no, I didn’t even offer him any advice.

But that doesn’t stop me from feeling darned proud that the 24K was just given the 2011 People’s Choice Stevie Award as the Favorite New Consumer Product at the American Business Awards in New York City.  That’s as in “the hottest new item that was created for you to buy” in the entire country this year.  I mean, doesn’t that just knock your socks off?  Way to go, Dr. Carl!

Want to try some for yourself?  The 20% off offer for new customers is good through the end of August.  Just contact me at:

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Swimsuit Issue, Part 1

Dear Friends,

It’s summer, and I’m sure at the top of our list of concerns, right after world peace, is how we will look in a swimsuit.

Since it is easier for us to have an impact on our midriff than the Mid East, The Silver Fork Report will be doing a two-part swimsuit issue in June and July.

This is more than vanity.  We are inundated by news that abdominal fat is bad for us.  (These fear mongers obviously do not ascribe to my father’s joke that it is important to get one’s stomach out there where you can keep an eye on it.)

But six-pack abs have never been my strong suit.  Not even two-pack, if the truth be told.  So I was very interested when I happened upon a program that promised me all six.  Welcome to The Silver Fork Report’s Swimsuit Issue, Part 1.

Also, read on for a Special Offer for June and July.


Confessions of a Carb-ur-eater

I have always thought carbs were the fuel that got my body’s engine going — carb loading before running was very popular a while back — and, being half Italian, I could not conceive of life without some good, hearty bread in it.

So imagine my dismay when the aforementioned program said I should eschew that whole grain bread and pasta and make the sign of the cross if any sugar came within 20 feet of me.  I had no problem giving up alcohol and dairy, because they weren’t featured in my daily food groups anyway, but give up carbs?!?  I thought I’d starve.

As a vegetarian (mostly vegan), it wasn’t easy.  It took a few days for my body to adjust.  I ate a lot of raw almonds and dipped apple slices in hummus.  I drank my Reliv shakes (including the meal replacement Slimplicity) to cover my nutritional needs and keep me going.  And, to my surprise, I stopped being hungry all the time.  Those of you who are not vegetarian will have an easier time and can focus on lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies.

Who Knew?

A friend of mine uses the image of a little man with a tool kit running around in our bodies, fixing things.  What we ingest is what goes into his tool kit.  So let’s follow this little man — we’ll call him Bud — and see what he does with bread, pasta, grains, potatoes.  Simple carbs.

The term “simple” should alert us immediately.  If it’s too easy, is it going to be effective?  Well, here’s Bud with a tool kit full of simple carbs, and he dumps the contents into your digestive system.  “Yum!” it says.  “I can take care of this load easily.”  Which it does, spiking your blood sugars, causing your body to put out more insulin to counteract them, which puts you into low blood sugar and that hungry feeling.  Time to eat again.

And here’s the corker.  If we’re going to look good in a swimsuit, we need to know this.  Excess sugars get stored as glycogen. So when the body goes looking for fuel, it uses the glycogen as its fast food order, totally ignoring all that fat that was so carefully stored up for it.  Talk about ungrateful.

This Bud Knows What’s Good For You

You want to give Bud fuel that will get processed more slowly, like lean protein and the complex carbohydrates available in fruits and veggies, with their inherent natural fiber.  Then the body has some incentive to burn the fat that’s just waiting for an invitation to be of some use.

They tell us the closer we can eat to the way the caveman ate, the better.  Keep this in mind, but remember, this does not mean you shouldn’t use the modern convenience of indoor plumbing and wash your hands when you sit down to eat your woolly mastodon.

Personally, I keep Bud’s tool kit full of Reliv.  The Classic and the Now were formulated as complete, balanced nutrition, which takes the guesswork out of what my body needs.  That way I can concentrate on eating foods that will digest in a way that keeps my body fueled on a steady basis.

What Works . . . Works

The bottom line (pardon the phrase) is that I was able to get rid of some of the excess around my midriff.  Clothes fit better, and it wasn’t even that hard to do.  True confessions force me to admit, however, that it is now strawberry season, and nirvana is a homemade cream puff filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, with a little dark chocolate drizzled on top.  So I’m postponing my personal swimsuit season till after the strawberries.  Then I’ll get back to that virtuous eating pattern and dazzle the world.

A Special Offer for June and July

If you’re someone who’s been hearing me wax ecstatic about the Reliv products and you’d like to try them for yourself, I’m doing a special offer for all new customers in June and July.  Contact me through my web site at and I’ll give you 20% off your order.  It’s a great way to see what complete nutrition can do in your body.

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The Fault, Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stores, But In Our Soils: Popeye's Dilemma

Dear Friends,

Here it is April, and the garden is beckoning.  Or at least the weeds are.  And the seed packets are crying out to me to please, please, PLEASE, put them in little pots in the basement, so they can grow to a size where they have a fighting chance against the slugs.  The peas I started this way last month are doing well against their scaffolding in the garden, with only a little slugly desecration.  Now if only we had a bit of sun and warmth . . .

So this seems a good time for an article on dirt entitled, “The Fault, Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stores, But In Our Soils: Popeye’s Dilemma.”  Should Shakespeare not slide glibly off your tongue, you can simply Google the first four words and get the original quote.  A good pun is a terrible thing to waste.


The Fault, Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stores, But In Our Soils: Popeye’s Dilemma

In a country that prides itself on being the best, we are the most overfed, undernourished country in the world.  This is not a distinction for which we want to be at the top of the heap.  Even people who claim to be healthy often neglect to mention the variety of medications they are taking.  How did we get here?

The winner in the Fingerpointing Sweepstakes is . . . the fast food industry: fast food restaurants, prepared foods, junk foods.  And in many cases, this is accurate.  Poor food choices, people say.

But what about those of us who were raised to eat our fruits and veggies, and who still do, even though Mom’s not watching?  Yes, it must be admitted, we actually like them.  So why are we not as healthy as we should be?

In the late 1990s, the USDA had a chart on their web site, showing that spinach in the 1940s had 70 (!!!) times the amount of iron it did in the 1990s.  Imagine, for a moment, that Popeye is about to do some heroic deed.  In the 1930s, he could simply scarf a can of spinach, and his biceps would muscle up.  Having to open 70 cans of spinach before he can leap into action is really going to slow things down.

What’s a Superhero to Do?

For a long time, doctors pooh-poohed the need to supplement.  As someone who did take extra vitamins, minerals, and herbs — even a ghastly tasting organically grown, powdered, whole food product — I can understand their skepticism.  I took supplements on faith that they were doing me some good, reasoning that I would be worse off without them.  And since my main purpose was prevention, I figured it was A Good Thing.  But I didn’t really notice a difference.

In June of 2002, the Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) came out with an article saying we needed to supplement, because we were no longer getting adequate nutrition in our diets.  This was quite a turnaround.  Now a vast majority of doctors supplement.

Talking Dirt

For those of us who prefer to go the natural route, the idea that we are not getting enough nutrients from our food seems preposterous.  To address this, there is a wonderful account of the 1992 Earth Summit that is a short, easy, and informative read.  It even addresses whether going organic will solve the issue.  I’ll include the link here:

My favorite quote from the article is one by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

So why didn’t the supplements I used to take work?  For one thing, most of them were in pill form.  To be effective, nutrients must be in a form that is readily absorbed by the body.  Liquids are 98% absorbed.

Do I believe this?  Yes, because for the past 10 years, I’ve been drinking my nutrition and noticing a huge difference.  It’s no longer just a good theory.  It’s something that has proved itself to me on a daily basis for more than a decade now.

My potion of choice is the Reliv Classic, because it has everything my body needs to be healthy, and in the perfect balance.  It was actually patented as a nutritional dry food concentrate.  No more guessing and mixing and matching for this girl.  I leave that up to the scientists.  I simply dump the powder in water, shake, and drink . . . and get on with my life.  I love it for steady energy, mental focus, and a strong immune system.  What’s not to like?

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